From carefully selected natural ingredients

Fresh bakery products Dobre si Fiii produces various types of fresh bakery products from carefully selected ingredients, such as white wheat flour, special flours (graham, rye, corn) or cereal mixes. view all products >

Fresh bakery products

Additive and preservative free

Frozen bakery products Choose our frozen bakery products and after only a few minutes of baking you can enjoy all the delicacies of a traditional bakery, directly from your own kitchen! view all products >

Frozen bakery products

Turn any day into a celebration

Frozen pastry products Choose our frozen pastry products, prepare them in your own kitchen and your clients will surely be drawn to the inviting aroma of freshly baked delicacies! view all products >

Frozen pastry products

Rediscover the taste of tradition

Pre-baked pastry products It is now much easier to offer your clients fresh products from your own kitchen, with minimal effort and reduced baking times! view all products >

Pre-baked pastry products

Something sweet and savoury

Cakes and pastries Discover the sweetest of delicacies prepared with great care according to traditional recipes, using the freshest ingredients! view all products >

Din cele mai apetisante ingrediente

Created from carefully selected grains

Milled products Choose our high quality milled products, created from cereals selected from the richest harvests of Dobrogea. view all products >

Milled products