About us

About us

DOBRE & FIII was founded in 1994 as a limited liability company. Our main scope of activity is the manufacture of milled products, bakery products, pastry products and cakes.

Right from the start of our activity, the company's economic growth has been the main objective of shareholders.

Our product range has been improved from year to year and our company currently manufactures over 20 types of fresh bread, frozen bread (ready to bake and ready to eat), 45 types of pastry products (ready to bake), over 25 types of cakes and pastries and 3 types of flour, semolina and breadcrumbs.

Achieving constant quality improvement and improving our manufacturing processes have always been a priority for our company, as demonstrated by our acquirement of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, IFS, SA8000 :2008, ISO 14001:2004 certificates.

Our company has a portfolio of over 250 clients. Products are delivered with our own vehicles (over 25 freight vehicles), as well as by national distributors.


The mission of S.C. DOBRE&FIII S.R.L.

The motto of S.C. Dobre si Fiii S.R.L. is:

"A good taste is something you never forget"

S.C. Dobre si Fiii S.R.L. was founded in 1994 and focuses on manufacturing milled products, bakery products, pastry products and cakes which are sold in our own stores, as well as delivered to third parties, in compliance with the legal requirements regarding quality, environment, food safety, occupational health and safety.

Our goal is to offer products which meet the required quality standards, as well as the sanitary and hygienic requirements, in compliance with the national regulations in force.

The objectives of S.C. Dobre si Fiii S.R.L. are the protection of our consumers' health and their satisfaction regarding the consumption of nutritional, tasty, fresh products without microbiological, chemical and physical risks, with stable characteristics during the validity period for consumption.

To this effect, we have implemented and we maintain an integrated food safety and quality management system, according to SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 22000:2005 and the IFS standard, version 5/2007, which ensures:

  • Total fulfilment of our customers' requests;
  • Exclusive collaboration with selected suppliers, assessed based on their capability of delivering products in compliance with our company's requirements;
  • Constant improvement of our company's activity by reaching the goals set by the senior management team.
  • Constant hazard identification, assessment and control with a view to improving the system, according to the HACCP principles.
  • Compliance with applicable Romanian, EU and international legislation regarding food safety.
  • Minimizing the impact of product contamination risks.
  • Prevention of environmental pollution;
  • Training all persons involved in food production with regard to food safety and quality;
  • Perfecting the competence of our employees in the field of food safety and quality.
  • Internal and external communication regarding the IFS requirements (by appointing an external communication manager for crisis management, communication with authorities and the media);
  • Policy monitoring and enforcement during board meetings by reporting the progress of goal achievement for each department at regular intervals (according to the analysis schedule established by the management team, at least once a year) in the master table of department managers.

Our top management has made sure that the principles set out in the company policy are transposed into specific, measurable goals for each department of our company, and that the responsibilities and deadlines for the achievement of these goals are defined and communicated to employees from each department.

S.C. Dobre si Fiii S.R.L. ensures employee awareness and involvement at all levels with regard to the fulfilment of set objectives.

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