The great attention to detail and the use of carefully selected ingredients are reflected in the quality and freshness of each product made by Dobre si Fii! Our portfolio currently includes over 100 products divided into six categories, which strictly follow traditional bakery recipes.


Fresh bakery products

The freshness, taste and savour of traditional Romanian bread can be found daily in the fresh bakery products from Dobre si Fiii! Pain de campagne, pan-baked loaves, baguettes and mini rolls are only a few of the fresh bakery specialties which tempt you each morning with their unmistakable scent.

For a general state of well-being, eat each morning a few slices of fresh bread made from all natural ingredients. The natural carbohydrates and the optimum vital gluten content will give you the necessary boost to start your day right!


Frozen bakery products

Choose our frozen bakery products and after only a few minutes of baking you can enjoy the savour of Romanian traditional bakery delicacies, directly from your own kitchen.

In order to fully take advantage of all the benefits of fresh bakery products, all you need is an oven with 220 įC baking temperature.

How does it work? Very simple! Remove product from packaging, place on a baking tray and defrost for 10 minutes; spray with water, bake for only 6-8 minutes and thatís it! The product is now ready to be served to your customers for breakfast, next to a fresh orange juice or a hot coffee!


Frozen pastry products

Whenever they feel like eating something delicious, customers always want a freshly baked pastry product. Dobre si Fiii offers dozens of types of croissants, pastry whirls, puff pastries with various fillings and numerous other savoury pastry products.

Choose those that fit your locationís needs and offer your customers the pleasure of a tasty and healthy breakfast or quick snack. Also, the frozen pastry products from Dobre si Fiii have an extended validity period, if kept in their original packaging, staying fresh for up to 180 days!


Pre-baked bakery products

With the help of advanced technologies, Dobre si Fiii has managed to produce state-of-the-art pre-baked bakery products. The long-term preservation of nutritional values and of the natural taste of bread are only a few of the benefits of this type of products.

Moreover, due to the controlled atmosphere packaging, the pre-baked bakery products have a prolonged validity period of up to 21 days, if kept in their original packaging.


Cakes and pastries

Surprise your clients with the sweetest of delicacies from Dobre si Fiii, prepared with great care according to traditional recipes, using the freshest ingredients! The explosion of flavours in the mini eclairs, mini rum babas, fancy cakes, cakes and mini gondolas will turn every visit to your location into a cause for celebration!

When purchasing cakes and pastries from Dobre si Fiii, please keep in mind that products should be consumed within maximum 3 days of purchase and must be stored at 2-8 įC.


Milled products

Our milled products meet the highest quality standards, being created from cereals selected from the richest harvests of Dobrogea, so that you may enjoy tender, well-risen doughs.

Whether you choose white flour, durum wheat semolina or breadcrumbs, you can be certain that all products are 100% natural and GMO-free, with a balanced content of vital wheat gluten. Flour is packaged in small retail packs, as well as in large 15 kg. packs for industrial consumption.

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